We Hate “Dating” but We Love a “Relationship”.

As we all are gearing up for Valentine’s Day. There is a phrase I want everyone to let go of and stop hindering yourself and becoming toxic. “The Talking Stage” which this generation has dragged through the mud. We have somehow found a way to take one of the main components out of a relationship. To appease yourself and get what you want.

For those of you who have seemed to lose a sense of what “The talking stage” is. It’s DATING!!! The definition of Dating is – when a man/woman goes out with another individual or many different people to configure compatibility not having any clear commitment.

So please stop trying to rush the process. Hell, most of us, can’t even commit to a gym regimen let alone another human being. As an avid dater, I understand. You’re tired of kissing toads in hopes of reaching your prince charming. You are tired of being pushed on to the back burner like a bad side when “Sis, you are the entire meal.”

But remember the most important thing about the talking stage is you have “OPTIONS !”. You’re free to date others. I’m not giving you free reigns to have sex with everyone . If you are. Please remember to practice safe sex. Back to dating others, you are able to see different character traits in other people. This can help you understand your likes and dislikes. One of my close girlfriends is a living testament to this. I would never forget one day we were meeting up for a night out. She had already had a lunch date, dinner date and a small happy hour date.

You also don’t know what traumas you may be inviting from the other party, that you are so eager to be in a relationship with. “In a relationship, it’s takes two”. When I think of this quote, I think of the hardship that comes with it. For example, one person may come to the relationship with baggage but once you to make a commitment to one another. It’s now a problem for both of you. Now, most of you may be thinking “No! it’s their problem to fix.” Okay, so when you guys get into an argument because “their” problem is causing a road block to “your happiness”. Then you will see how it affects you both.

So, the next time you find yourself forcing yourself into a relationship, think about a few things first. Am I really ready for the other person’s baggage? Are they ready for my baggage? Am I ready to give up me time? Am I ready to share all or majority of my space? Or my absolute favorite. Am I open to sharing my food, even though they could have ordered the exact same thing?

-Til next time. Keep glowing, my loves.

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