The Underdogs !

This blog post is for the under dogs. You know the people who are busting their asses while working a nine to fine for a company where they are often overlooked and under appreciated. Kings and Queens, you are worth more than the constraints that a lies within your cubicle. Now, I’m not telling you to bust into your boss office and quit your jobs because I’ve empowered you and you’ve realized your worth and potential.

This is more of a “call to action”. Start using the “No’s” you’re receiving in life to push you beyond the limits of an annual review. I was skeptical on speaking out this. However, I’ve learned that “Close Mouths Don’t Get Feed !”. Often in my work career, I’ve been afraid to speak up and let others know what I want to do outside of my superior, until recently.

I was dead set on taking a training to elevate my career. I e-mailed my manager at the time about it. Asking him when can I register for the next training and ordering the content materials. Which seemed to fall on deaf ears. As a few months progressed on it was time for my mid- year check in. It was then that I had discovered , not only did my Boss act oblivious to my wants of acquiring a new certification. A co-worker who came into the current position after me had managed to get the course material and certification. I felt defeated. I couldn’t believe what was going on. My anxieties were getting the best of me. I tried not to allow race to be a factor, beat myself up mentally or allow this decision to affect my work ethnic.

After a few days of pondering on my steps. I prayed on what was next. Not only did this allow me to pivot in a new direction. It help me to see benefits within my company. Which I haven’t explored until recently. My job helps pay for your college tuition. With this knowledge I took an oath and decided to take my ass back to school.

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