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We Hate “Dating” but We Love a “Relationship”.

As we all are gearing up for Valentine’s Day. There is a phrase I want everyone to let go of and stop hindering yourself and becoming toxic. “The Talking Stage” which this generation has dragged through the mud. We have somehow found a way to take one of the main components out of a relationship. […]

26 Laws To Live A “Unique” Life !!!

It’s that special time of the year for a special someone. You know the day where your celebrated for becoming a year older. People typically shower you with unlimited amounts of love, gifts, social media posts, text messages and drinks. In honor of another year of life on earth. I’ve decided to keep the tradition […]

Dating on your OWN Terms

Recently, I ran across a interesting twitter feed (unfortunately, I didn’t think to screenshot the feed to attach in this blog post). Anyways, there was a guy who had a female friend reach out to him on advice of why guys seems to overlook her. She would date guys and they would move in and […]

KNOW YOURSELF, KNOW YOUR WORTH !!! (In my best Drake Impression.) This post is for the ladies… The ones who constantly put themselves and their goals on the back burner because society tells them that women have to sacrifice themselves before having it all. I know plenty of women (myself include) who choose to be nurturers […]

I read a short article on the yahoo website on how Angeline Jolie is not enjoying the single life (link is attached below, if you want to read more .https://www.yahoo.com/gma/angelina-jolie-being-single-not-something-wanted-174804563–abc-news-celebrities.html .This article got me thinking about my single life and the constant ups and downs I am going through. Jolie is right when she says […]