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My Tribe

In honor of Womens History Month, I choose to honor women around me that are making an everyday impact. Behind every great women is a group of fearless individuals behind her that is constantly supporting her. I have been blessed with three close friends. Let me correct myself, SISTAHS. Who have managed to not only […]

My Heart is in Havana

You ever get a rare chance to travel to a place that you wouldn’t expect to steal your heart? If you answered yes to this question than you know the feeling I’m about to describe. If you aren’t one of the people haven’t travel outside of your country. Then hopefully this will influence you to […]


I QUIT MY OLD JOB WITH NO NEW JOB IN PLACE. THEY WAS TRYING ME AND I HAD TIME !!!! We are all taught that money is key. It’s the one thing that keeps us all thriving. People kill, steal, lie and cheat for a dollar. In this case, I was burden with the choices […]

Happy Quarter Century to Me !!!

Everyone around me knows, I’m not big on celebrating birthdays. It’s the one day of the year, I prefer to be spent with an intimate group of people. In honor of my 25TH birthday, I want to share twenty-five things about me you may or may not now. I played the flute. I played the saxophone. […]

…….. Presenting the Graduating Class of 2018

On Saturday, May 12, 2018; I became a graduate of the illustrious University of the District of Columbia with my Bachelor of Arts and Sciences…THANK GOD, DOBBY IS FINALLY FREE!!!! This journey was a rollercoaster. For starters it took me seven not four years to complete my college degree. Seeing many of my high school […]