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My 808’s Heartbreak

When I first grasped the concept that I would be traveling to Paris, France. I was more than excited as we all know it’s all the rave from romantic comedies to bad ass action movies shown here in the states. I had my flight and travel itinerary all set and I was more than eager […]

All the Queen’s Horses and Men

How come every time you come around my London, London Bridge want to go down like London, London… Shout out to Fergie… I had finally arrived at the United Kingdom and I was so excited to do so. It was an amazing opportunity …. First fun fact for London: the image of the bridge below […]

I Got A Golden Ticket !

Along my Euro trip we managed to take a small pit stop in BELGIUM.…This was a very exciting experience as I had a chance to taste the world’s best and finest chocolate. I was only here for a short period of time (5 hours for the bus driver to rest and then we were back […]

There’s no place, I’d rather be !

Everyone who is anyone knows that when people think of traveling to this location; they think of weed that’s the number one priority for people. However, there is so much more richer culture in AMSTERDAM…. My experience in Amsterdam was amazing and the people I was lucky enough to spend my time with their made […]

My Cheesesteak better be made with " Brotherly Love"

I have always visit Philadelphia as a child being as though I have family member’s whom live. It wasn’t until I began to travel and got older when I realized that I had never actually ventured out to find some hidden gems within the city of brotherly love. So, when I went back home to […]