Dating on your OWN Terms

Recently, I ran across a interesting twitter feed (unfortunately, I didn’t think to screenshot the feed to attach in this blog post). Anyways, there was a guy who had a female friend reach out to him on advice of why guys seems to overlook her. She would date guys and they would move in and out her life quickly only…

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Collaborations, Rants and Raves

2018 = Growth

As the year comes to a close, I feel liberated. I have grown so much this year. I haven’t complied my list of New Years Resolutions, yet. Fortunately, I’m still basking in the things that has happened in my life this year and how they help me evolve into a better person. Here’s a list of High’s and Low’s ;…

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How I Visited Spain on a Payment Plan

I had the opportunity to celebrate New Year’s in Spain and the experience was amazing. I visited Barcelona, Costa De Sol, Granada and Madrid. I managed to visit all these places over the course two weeks on A PAYMENT PLAN. I booked this awesome trip through EF college break: ( ) This business allows travelers between the ages of…

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