How I Visited Spain on a Payment Plan

I had the opportunity to celebrate New Year’s in Spain and the experience was amazing. I visited Barcelona, Costa De Sol, Granada and Madrid. I managed to visit all these places over the course two weeks on A PAYMENT PLAN. I booked this awesome trip through EF college break: ( ) This business allows travelers between the ages of 18 to 28 to travel with the following accommodations: roundtrip flights, guided tours, living accommodations and  complimentary breakfast.

Barcelona was absolutely beautiful. This is a great place to travel if you love big cities and shopping. The night life here is one for the books. Barcelona operates differently from the U.S. nightlife; Spain night life typically starts around 1a.m. Which means you will be out until about 6 a.m. in the morning. While in Barcelona my tour group ate Paella, which is a famous Spanish dish. This dish is made with rice, vegetables and various types of seafood. My highlight tour attraction in Barcelona was the Sagrada Familia which is the largest church in Spain. Throughout the church infrastructure is the story of Jesus carved into the walls. You can see these carvings outside of the church. Did I mention Barcelona had a beach?  Next stop is Madrid.

Madrid and Barcelona are both similar in what they offer as both are located in the north of Spain. In Madrid, we did manage to visit the IceBar which was a huge trend in America. The Ice Bar in Spain wasn’t as large as the ones in America. However, it was worth the experience. You are stepping into an oversized freezer which is below freezing, you are allowed to order alcohol beverages which are served to your in-ICE CUPS. There’s music and you can dance if you can get past freezing your ass off. Just be mindful of ordering tequila (which happens to melt your cups).

Costa De Sol and Granada were my favorite places to visit while in the Spain. Both of these places are located in the South of Spain. The south of Spain is quieter than the north.  The South of Spain was the last part of Spain to be colonized by the Europeans. You can expect to find the history of Spain and the colonization of the Europeans here. The highlight tourist attraction tourist attraction here is the “La Alhambra” which is the largest Muslim temple which was taken over by Christians during the invasion of the European. While in Granada, I managed to have the best Spa experience of my life at Hamman. I’m still look for a spa similar in America.

The great thing about travel with EF is the people you meet and the experiences you share. This program offers affordable payment plans, safe living accommodations and allows you to travel and venture out on your own if you would like.


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