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We Hate “Dating” but We Love a “Relationship”.

As we all are gearing up for Valentine’s Day. There is a phrase I want everyone to let go of and stop hindering yourself and becoming toxic. “The Talking Stage” which this generation has dragged through the mud. We have somehow found a way to take one of the main components out of a relationship. […]

My Failed Engagement Was The Best Thing that Happened to Me !

It took me years to be able to discuss with others how my engagement fell apart with the man I thought I was destined to be with. We were the “Ultimate Couple Goals”. We had it all; good jobs, cars, money, our own place and we were jet setting across the world. I would never […]

So I cheated on my boyfriend…..

So, I cheated on my boyfriend. Who I honestly didn’t know was my boyfriend or that I was even in a relationship. I know you are probably reading this and thinking how in the hell can you cheat on someone ? and You don’t know that you two are in a relationship ? Well, it’s […]

Petty Women… And The Men Who Date Them

Recently, I was browsing through my Facebook feed and I stopped. One of my male friend’s status had sparked my interest. The post stated ” Fellas! We have to stop putting in female’s head’s that its cute to be petty, crazy and mean. Because they still go around thinking it’s cute.” I was shocked. I […]

Happy Quarter Century to Me !!!

Everyone around me knows, I’m not big on celebrating birthdays. It’s the one day of the year, I prefer to be spent with an intimate group of people. In honor of my 25TH birthday, I want to share twenty-five things about me you may or may not now. I played the flute. I played the saxophone. […]