26 Laws To Live A “Unique” Life !!!

It’s that special time of the year for a special someone. You know the day where your celebrated for becoming a year older. People typically shower you with unlimited amounts of love, gifts, social media posts, text messages and drinks.

In honor of another year of life on earth. I’ve decided to keep the tradition of sharing something about myself with you guys on my birthday. This year I’ve constructed “26 Laws ” that I have begun living by since my 25th birthday. These new laws have helped me become healthier and stronger .

  1. Growing in your spiritually. Find a positive outlet to help heal your mind, body and soul when times are good, bad and worse.
  2. Don’t do anything that will either exhaust or hinder you. Sometimes we feel compelled to do things from the kindness of our hearts. There’s nothing wrong with this. However, do these acts of kindness on your own terms.
  3. Practice financial security. As you have probably noticed by now. I love to be out and about. However, I have learned to say “NO !” to anything outside of my financial means.
  4. Diversify your social circle; as you would your portfolio.
  5. If someone shows you who they are. Believe them the first time. If you can’t tolerate them; remove yourself with no explanation required.
  6. Create a healthy morning routine. I’ve found having a healthy morning routine can help boost productivity throughout the day. (If you need a routine to tryout, here is mine’s: Reading a scripture from the bible, playing meditation/gospel music during my morning commute and eating a healthy breakfast.)
  7. Find a hobby. You need something or some place you can go to and you just be unapologetically in a judgement free zone. Remember to choose something fun. (Mines is skating; if you are wondering).
  8. Don’t speak or address anything that does not concern you or will disrupt your peace. (Remember rule # 2).
  9. Don’t entertain petty gossip. When someone gossips about someone or something, celebrate their win and change the topic.
  10. Seek to learn something new when communicating with others. This requires you to use your ears more than you use your mouth.
  11. If you lack understanding in any situation; ask for clarification. Never assume. When you assume, you make an ass out of yourself and others.
  12. The block list was created for a reason. Use it. Remember we are protecting our energies to vibrate at a higher frequency.
  13. Don’t hide your emotions. Explain to people your discomforts and triggers.
  14. Follow your gut. Your gut is never wrong even when the odds appear to be in your favor.
  15. Being vulnerable is a strength, not a weakness. People can’t help you if you don’t show them when you require assistance. You never know whom has come into your life to bring you through an issue.
  16. Let go of your EGO ! If you fuck up, and you will (trust me). Admit your faults. Learn from it, apologize and keep it pushing.
  17. Give the world the same energy you would like to receive in return.
  18. Whatever you decide to pursue, give it your all. Focus on one thing at a time. A scattered brain doesn’t reward success.
  19. Stay away from people who speak, think and act in a “I” manner. They will always live to satisfy themselves.
  20. Learn to be of service to others. Those who become great leaders; were once great servants.
  21. Rush nothing allow each journey to take it’s natural process.
  22. Stay hydrated. Being thirsty physically , mentally and emotionally will drain you.
  23. Protect your energy. You owe yourself the right to be happy and in a constant state of peace.
  24. Watch who, where and how you receive your advice from. Sometimes we are drinking from a broken faucet.
  25. Keep a balance in your life. You need a life filled with ratchet and righteous moments.
  26. Use everyday to make yourself happy. Even if it’s something small.

Thanks for continuing to celebrate this new year with me. I hope these laws help you reach a new level of happiness.

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